Things You Can Do With Your Mac You Probably Did Not Know

Things You Can Do With Your Mac You Probably Did Not Know

Tips and Tricks

If you own a MacBook, a MacBook Pro or an iMac chances are you love and know it like the back of your hand. However, there are lots of things you can do with your mac. You can definitely take your precious Mac to a whole new level using this functions, tips and tricks.

Scan without installing the software

Just plug your printer in go to Applications and open Preview. Preview does not open in a new window like most other apps so after you click on it look in the top left corner. If it says Preview in the far left corner then go to File and from the pull down menu choose “Import from scanner”.

And that is it, simple as that.

No AirPlay? Your Mac and a DLNA compatible TV can help

Anyone who loves listening to music or watching movies on an Apple TV through AirPlay will tell you it is a wonderful experience. However, if you do not have an Apple TV and your television is Internet compatible(Smart TV) you can use the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatibility or the ability to beam music and movie files right onto the TV through a home network.

Gamers can also take their gaming to a whole new level if the game consoles are DLNA compatible.

With a free app (there are a number of those) that work with televisions compatible with DLNA you can immediately point it to the audio and video files in your MacBook and start enjoying a whole new Mac experience on your TV. If you have done this correctly your MacBook will be visible in the app or TV’s list of all the devices you can play games, movies and music files from.

Catch a thief with your Mac

Another thing you can do with your mac is this…Your Mac’s camera is not just great at taking quality pictures and completing calls on FaceTime. You can use the camera on the Mac to keep your home safe.

Essentially, you need an extra app that together with the camera form a home or house security system. There are free and premium apps you can choose for this purpose.

For instance, some apps will give a sound alert and immediately take a photo through the Mac’s camera if anyone is meddling with the Mac. The individual will be known and will definitely be stopped by the alarm from prying on your device.

Next time you have to leave your device behind or in a home with lots of people you will have a clue who has been snooping on your Mac.

Quick Spotlight unit conversions

In Spotlight doing calculations is easy, but for those still using Yosemite unit conversions are far much enhanced.

Convert normal units such as “lbs into kgs” and enjoy the intelligence of the tool by giving it any amount to convert and lots of alternatives and possible conversions will also be suggested.

For instance typing $2300 will get you the amount in the native currency you have set in the System Preferences’ Language and Region section in the Settings.

More results of the amount in various currencies from Swiss Francs, Euros, and Japanese Yen to Sterling Pound will be shown too.

Use Windows apps on your Mac

With a little enhancement you can access apps only found in Windows in your MacBook. If you rely on many of these Windows-only tools a lot, a premium or free app can help you access them.

Choose a free or premium app from the hundreds available that will let you access lots of Windows-only apps in your Mac, including hundreds of Windows games.

Sync credit card and password info

Anyone with a Mac and a number of Apple devices such as an iPhone and a MacBook will find iCloud Keychain very handy.

It allows you to sync your credit card details, website passwords and usernames, for different web browsers like Safari, including information on Wi-Fi across every iOS device you own.

In the process you will be able to log into a site through an iPad after saving the login details on a Mac or enter credit card information on your Mac securely after saving the information on your iPhone.

Setting up the sync might be a little intricate but worth it.

Set your Mac to receive and send SMSs

Prior to the entry of Yosemite, SMSs sent to an iPhone had to be replied or read on that particular device. However, you can now make the SMSs to also arrive on any iOS device, including your MacBook.

Make sure iOS 8.1 is running on your iPhone before you sign into iMessage, which contains the phone number you constantly use. The phone number should be linked to both your Mac and iPhone. Go to the ‘Messages’ under Settings in your iPhone and look for ‘Text Message Forwarding’ and turn it on. SMSs will start arriving in your Mac as well.

Find a lost cursor

It is normal for those among us who have all sorts of windows opened and operating a crowded desktop to lose the cursor. In El Capitan you only need to shake the finger to and fro along the trackpad or shake the mouse. In the process you will see the cursor pointer getting bigger before your eyes making it easier to find.

Spotlight continues to amaze in El Capitan

In the new OS X you have Spotlight getting you the results you want on transit news, web videos, sports, weather, stocks and much more. In El Capitan you can now request Spotlight in natural language to find a specific file. It means if you took some photos last Sunday you can find them fast and easy by typing “photos I took on Sunday”. You can also move the Spotlight window across the screen and resize it as you want to view more results.

Better email management and use

In El Capitan Mail comes with enhanced swipe gestures and better support for the full-screen. The full-screen view is now improved allowing you to juggle different email messages simultaneously; you can even copy attachments and text in between conversations. With a single click you can also add emails containing information on certain events such as a meeting or flight information to the calendar. Mail is now enhanced to let you know if a contact has changed his/her email address.

Enhanced Maps for the constant traveler

Mac users who are always on the move will find the enhanced Maps in El Capitan one of the best things that probably ever happened to them before embarking on a journey. It is now easy to find the best buses and trains in various selected cities globally. Maps and Transit view will get you the directions on the best routes including information on ferries, buses, trains, and subways and walking routes you might need to connect to a bus or a subway a few streets away. You can also use your MacBook to plan a specific route and share it with your iPhone in the event you cannot carry the Mac with you.

Speedy rendering

The new OS X has enhanced Core Graphics and Animation features that have boosted the performance of Metal as well as its efficiency. This means rendering normal activities such as web pages is 40 percent faster, while PDF rendering is 50 percent faster. Essentially, OS X El Capitan makes every Mac very responsive and fluid that accessing email and launching other apps is snappier and speedier.

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