Quick Ways to Speed Up a Slow Computer

Your here for one reason. You want to stop your slow computer and increase your computer speed and boost your PC Performance.
The quickest and best way to increase computer speed is to use software that helps to Optimize Windows. We used and purchased many PC Optimization tools over the years with a single goal. To Provide you with the best and most accurate un-biased reviews and guides on increases your computer speed. Get your PC running quickly and smoothly again with the best PC Optimization tools. All sites offer safe, convenient downloads. The Best Way to Increase Computer Speed Will Depend on Why Your Computer is Slow. However in Most cases were hardware is not the issue you should use PC Health Advisor to speed up your computer.  

A little about Slow Computers

Over the course of time all PC’s slow down and develop some system errors. Many people simply blame it on their computer being out dated. It seems as soon as you purchase a computer it becomes a dinosaur. Hardware is often not to blame. In almost all cases it’s a software issue. To be sure please check out our how to check computer memory page to see how much memory is in your computer and what we recommend.

Software Issues!

Software is the main reason most computers are so slow. They start out fast because you have little programs installed on them and the operating system does not have any errors. Over time as you add more and more software programs and the Windows operating system gets old it will develop errors.

Registry cleaning is toted a lot by people as being the end all cure all for slow computers. While the registry plays a very important part of your operating system and does effect computer performance it alone will not always give you the boost in computer speed that you are looking for.

What you need is a All-In-One Soluton that provides Registry Cleaning, Start-Up Manager, Defrag, Removal of Junk temps files, Malware Scanner.

Registry Cleaning:

Registry cleaning repairs corrupt registry entries and removes old invalid registry traces. Some may notice a big improvement in speed and an elimination of computer error messages. However as already stated you most likely will not see a huge boost in speed from this alone.

Malware Scanning:

While everyone should have a good Antivirus client it is important to have a secondary product that can help to detect when Malware is running. Having two active scans at once is not recommended but having a secondary program you use every month or so to run a quick scan with is a great option and one every PC Optimization tool should have. (Only one of them does)

Start-Up Manager:

A Start-Up Manager helps to manage all the programs that load when you boot your computer. these programs stay active even when you do not use them and can take up valuable system resources. One of my computers for instance that was only a year old had 32 Programs Auto Starting! Out of those 32 I only really use 8 of the programs on a daily basis. By stopping the other 24 Processes I gained back a lot of my processing power and gave a huge boost to my computer. Every PC Optimization tool needs to have this.

Removal of Junk Temp Files:

It’s important to keep your computer un cluttered and to free up as much hard drive space as you can for best performance. Removing all those gig’s of junk temp files may not give you a huge boost in speed but it all adds up.

Defrag :

Your computer data is all over the hard drive. By condensing and organizing this information you can improve the access time it takes for your hard drive to retrieve the needed information to load programs and files. Again this normally does not give you a huge boost in speed but it helps.

The only program that has all of the above is PC Health Advisor. We like other cleaners and Tune-up programs as well but none have the same tools that this easy to use program has..