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MacBook features to look into while shopping

Features to Look Into While Shopping for a MacBook

A modern laptop should definitely have great features. The MacBook’s retina display, quad-core and dual core Intel processors and a fully flash architecture plus a force-sensing type of trackpad should give you an idea of the powerful features to expect in a notebook.

If you want to replace your old laptop or simply get a new one, any of the macs from Apple will definitely be good. Depending on your needs you will find a MacBook with all the right features and new style MacBook models are in plenty, catering for all manner of tastes. The computers are built with portability and style in mind with updates expected from Apple time and again (rumours abound about a possible March or April 2016 MacBook launch). If you are thinking about getting a MacBook here are the main features you might want to pay attention to and also read Things You Can Do With Your Mac to find out about some nice tips and tricks.

The display

The 15-inch MacBook Pro for example has a staggering resolution of 2880 by 1800 while the 13-inch one has an impressive resolution of 2560 by 1600. If you are using a MacBook Pro to read documents, pages on a web or emails you will definitely take pleasure in the sharp text.

The MacBook retina display also lowers the glare while enhancing the colour reducing eye strain; a high contrast ratio results in whites that are whiter and blacks that are blacker. 178 degree view ensures you don’t miss anything on the screen from basically any angle.

High quality multi-touch trackpad

A MacBook is a wonderful computing device that will make you forget your aging laptop and embrace the modern touch screen features in a notebook.

For instance, the MacBook Pro’s mouse pad comes with a multi-touch feature in OS X allowing you to accomplish gestures realistically such as pinching and swiping to navigate and switch content and apps.

The multi-touch capabilities are enhanced with force sensors to detect the smallest distinctions in the downward pressure applied for a better connection with apps and content.


A MacBook must come with the highest graphics performance for flawless on screen actions. A case in point is the 6100 Intel Iris Graphics in the retina display enhanced MacBook Pro capable of handling graphic intensive tools and everyday tasks without a problem.

graphicsScrolling through a gigantic photo album will then be a joy and games will be played in great detail. The 15-inch MacBook model actually combines the AMD Radeon R9-M370X with the Iris Pro Graphics features. The addition of a GDDR5 memory means playing games, rendering images and editing video is done in high resolution.

Think about the battery

Obviously, in a notebook the battery is a huge issue. We all want to use a MacBook for the longest time without charging, particularly for those always on the move. The Mac you choose should have a guaranteed long lasting battery and a charge that lasts for at least 9 hours.

Between charges the MacBook Pro can last up to 9 hours for the 15-inch model and 10 hours for the 13-inch one. The MacBook Air on the other hand gets a maximum 12 hours and if you put it to sleep for about 3 or more hours, the standby mode can save battery life for up to a month. The power nap feature even allows you to receive invitations on your calendar including emails even when the Mac is asleep.

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Sometimes your MacBook can act up or develop a hardware problem such as a broken screen, keyboard keys that are not working or complications with the device’s software. You might also want an OS upgrade perhaps to the new El Capitan OS X, virus detection and removal or speeding up your machine and dealing with overheating problems. Request a Call Back from DC Computer Repairs or Email them from any place in London and a technician will be on your case right away.


TIP:Upgrade your old MacBook or MacBook Pro with a new SSD and it will feel like a new computer. And the best part is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

With better storage, particularly flash storage or the new SSDs, you can be sure of apps launching fast in the smoothest of navigation in a responsive and fluid manner. For instance, the MacBook Pro’s flash storage, based on PCIe, range between 2.6 GBps for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This refers to a speedier data transfer rate. For example, importing heavy photo libraries will be done really fast.

TIP: When shopping for a MacBook Air be very careful when it comes to the storage space because usually MacBook Airs come with 120Gb of total storage. This may sound a lot at first but unless you will only store some documents and use it for browsing it really is not enough and you will get not enough storage related errors in less then a few months.

Check the flash storage; latest MacBook Pro models have a flash storage of at least 1TB on the higher side. With zero moving parts you can be sure of a quiet and highly durable notebook.

Sync with other devices

If you are always doing important tasks on the iPhone so the type of Mac you choose should at least let you access the same content on the iPhone or Mac. The MacBook Pro for instance lets you use iCloud to store all your files and allows access to all manner of documents, contacts, photos, music, calendars among others from any kind of device you are using. It means the photos, meeting schedule or video you took on an iPad will appear on the Mac and if you created a new document on your Mac you can also access it on your iPad.

This is important for those always on the move with important content on their Smartphones, Macs and Tablets they need to access time and again.

Of course, the MacBook must come with or allow you to access all those great creativity and productivity applications such as GarageBand, iMovie, Numbers, Safari, Photos, iBooks, Mail, Keynote and Pages among others. The Mac App Store is another reason to go for a Mac considering the thousands of apps available at any given time. Another important factor is that the apps on Apps Store are safer in terms of virus infections than in many other places.

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