How to Increase Computer Speed

With millions of users around the world relying on computers to perform most of their tasks every day, the speed the computer works at has become more important than ever. Computer users are always inquiring how to increase computer speed and it has become an essential need to utilize the hardware of the computer to the maximum by optimizing the computer’s software. There are many reasons for an average Personal Computer to slow down and some of these are discussed here as well as how to increase computer speed

The hardware devices that directly affect the speed of the computer are the processor, the memory and the hard disk. Now it may be hard to change the speeds of these hardware devices without upgrading them, however, it is possible to use software that will help optimize their use. Generally, the data on computers is stored on the hard disk. This data is stored as files, which are written to the hard disk on the available space. When you delete a file, it will leave some free space, which will be filled by a new file that is written to the disk. However, if the new file is too big for the chunk of free space left behind by the earlier file, the new file will be broken down into parts and written to different places on the hard disk.

This is known as fragmentation. Fragmentation slows down the computer as in order to read some files the computer will have to read different parts of the hard disk which takes more time. In order to prevent this from happening, you should use the Windows Disk Defragmentation tool built in to your operating system, which will take all the fragments of the files and reassemble them so that all the fragments are in one place.

Computer Memory

If you have some technical abilities you can install more memory in your computer to help boost speed.  The cost will vary but generally, for around 100 dollars you may be able to double the RAM inside your computer.  Check out this Memory Configurator to see what kind of memory your computer takes and the cost.

You can find out how much memory is installed in your computer by right-clicking and selecting properties under the “Computer” icon or “My Computer” Icon in the start menu.

Registry Cleaning

Another component of Windows that affects the speed of the computer is the Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is a data store that contains the details of all the applications and user settings available on the computer. This is used to optimize the way applications are loaded as well as to optimize the booting process of the operating system. However, when the registry gets cluttered with the entries of old applications that have not been uninstalled properly, it can slow down the computer drastically. The most basic way to address this problem is to delete the entries of non-existent applications manually by using the RegEdit tool of Windows.

Both the above functions can be performed using PC Health Advisor which is a utility software application manufactured by ParetoLogic. This program contains all the features needed to speed up your computer, as well as tips on how to increase computer speed. It contains a registry cleaner which will remove unwanted registry entries, a process manager to monitor the processes running on the system as well as many other useful features that can be used to optimize the operation of Windows systems.

Start-Up Manager

All the programs you have installed over the years often auto start on you even if you do not use them.  Things like Software updates, Skype, instant messenger clients, adobe, Kodak easy share, the list goes on and on.  You may easily have 30 programs that start on you that you do not need to have auto started. To manage this we do recommend using the PC Health Advisor software.  It’s a very easy to use program that gives you a nice interface.

However, you can use the built-in one for Windows.  It just does not have a nice interface.  Click on the Windows Start Button.  In the Run box type “MSConfig” without the quotes.  Then go to the startup tab.

Now uncheck the boxes of the programs you do not want to auto-start.  Keep in mind that this will not delete these programs.  It will simply stop them from auto-starting on your computer.  When you want to use let’s say skype or adobe you simply just open the program like you normally would.  This step alone can help double your computer speed.

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