How to Check Computer Memory?

How to Check Computer Memory?

Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 all have the same basic ways of checking how much computer memory is in your computer.

How to Check Computer Memory: To manually find how much memory is in your computer follow this path: Windows Start buton ( Located on the bottom left > Right click on the “My Computer” Icon or the “Computer” icon > Select “Properties”. That is it. On this dialog page you will be able to see how much memory is installed on your computer. It may say something like 512MB 1GB, 2GB and the like.

How much Memory should I have?

The answer to this will vary for the use of the computer. Rule of thumb for better PC performance you will want no less then 2GB for XP and for Vista and Windows seven you will want closer to 4GB.

Older computer from 2005 may not even be able to support 2Gbs. You really need at least 512MB for XP to run smoothly and that is without installing other programs.

A SUPER simple way to check how much memory you have and what you can upgrade to is this MEMORY Configurator. I use it all the time to check the ammount of memor in a computer, the ammount I can upgrade to and how much it costs.

For around 100 bucks you may be able to double your computer speed. For people who lets say only have 1GB but their computer can handle 4GB’s. If you upgrade to the 4GB’s you will notice a very nice boost in perfromance from the computer.

Memory AKA RAM ( Random Access Memory) is only in use when your computer is on. Think of it as a Kitchen Table. When you work on your Word document it takes up a fraction of the space on your table. when you start working on multiple things at once you soon run out of room if you have a small table. So if Internet Explorer was open and running along with, Word, Power Point, Outlook, Antoher Word Document, you would be having to stack sheets of paper on top of each other to make room for it all. All these programs are stacked on each other in the same way with RAM. The more you have the more room you have to multitask and the smoother it will be to move between applications. Again the MEMORY Configurator is the best way to see how much more memory is going to cost you.

If you have never installed memory before I can assure you it’s easier then you may think. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube showing you what to do and how to install it. Not to mention many memory dealers will also have instructions ( All be it very simplistic and generic ) to help guide you as well.

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